The Adventures of Pilot, Kid and Adventure Girl, Family Photos The Saguaro Scottsdale AZ

March 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Mackles looked like any other normal (unbelievably good looking) family.  They arrived at The Saguaro hotel for our photoshoot full of smiles and good humor. We took some beautiful shots, Grayson was simply adorable - little did I know he was on the lookout for ADVENTURE!

Grayson was obviously in charge of this operation.  He went by Pilot, and had given his mom and dad their own aliases; "Kid" and "Adventure Girl"  were his trusty sidekicks and they were thrilled to be included in Pilot's imaginative adventures.

I remember my own amazing adventures when I was a kid.  When my tire swing was the only way to get over the hot lava pit.  When the trampoline served as everything from a  deserted island to my winning moment at the Olympics (Mary Lou Retton step aside!)  When all I needed was a hairbrush to transform into a pop sensation.  Life doesn't just get harder as you get older, it gets a lot less fun.  Unless you have a Pilot in your life to remind you that things aren't always what they appear.

Until next time to Pilot, Kid and Adventure Girl!  Until next time....


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