Beautiful Edge Photography | Anniversary Photo Session Scorpion Gulch, Phoenix Arizona

Anniversary Photo Session Scorpion Gulch, Phoenix Arizona

November 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Laura and Karl were getting ready to celebrate their 7 year anniversary and realized they hadn't had professional photos done since their wedding.  Life gets in the way of these things sometimes.  Too many of us think we will always "remember" life's big moments and we diminish the importance for photos but Laura knew better.  I was thinking about this as I drove my step-kids to school the next day.   I said to Kinsley, our 5 year old, "do you remember when you and your brother ran in that race?"  Her answer?  "Yes, I remember that picture".  It struck me so strongly and resonated in my heart.  We "remember" in "pictures".  Kinsley didn't necessarily remember running in the race (and falling) and getting up again, but she remembers clearly the photo I took after the race with her holding her metal.  Every bit of her memory is wrapped up in that one image.  

Laura understood this even better than I did.  Photos are a way of capturing a moment in time.  If you underestimate their importance you may find one day that you have a difficult time recalling many important adventures, feelings, and experiences.

When I look at Laura and Karl's images all I can do is smile.  I see such playfulness, love and an obvious shared adoration.  These are not just photos, they are like capturing time in a bottle. 


"The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever."  -W.M. Tory


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