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Top 10 Photos of 2014

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2014 has been a year of photos - more than I ever could have possibly imagined.  Newborns, graduates, brides & grooms.  So many precious families have sat patiently in front of my camera and so many active toddlers have run screaming away from it. I've carried my camera like a new mom carries her baby, always cradled carefully in my arm.  I've annoyed family and friends with constant shutter clicks, I've captured smiles and tears.  I've also captured my fair share of total garbage (thank goodness for digital).  I've gained a life's worth of knowledge in a short time and I've tried to share what I've learned with anyone interested enough to ask.  

I thought about what would be the most appropriate way to close out this first year of business, and what could be more fitting than to do it in photos.  Here are my Top 10 Images from 2014 in no particular order.  Some are personal, some are professional - it was extremely hard to narrow it down to 10 but I held firm.


#10 - "We've Got Your Back" - The Vicars Wedding.  The beauty of friends and family cheering them on as they begin their journey as husband and wife is so touching.  I can look at this image over and over again and still feel hope and love emanating from it.

#9 - "Daddy's Girl" - Emma's Newborn Shoot.  I loved the way this "tough guy" doted on his little girl. It was one of my first images as a professional photographer and remains one of my favorites.

#8 - "Butterflies" - Ryan House Memorial.  While writing an article on Ryan House, one of the countries only respite and hospice care center's for children, I took a tour of their facility.  In the back garden is a memorial for every child they have had to say goodbye to, each one represented by a single butterfly.  Far, far too many butterflies.

#7 - "Superman" - Kelly & Noah.   Having the opportunity to take Noah's first birthday photos was especially touching because I am a close friend of his parents.  He has brought so much joy into their lives, and ours.  He truly is a little superman, with a personality that is larger than life.

#6 - "Muse" - Savannah.  This young lady has been an inspiration for many photoshoots over the last year.  Always willing to help me scout locations or model for me.  I just adore this image of her as she prepared to enter high school.  She is a bright shining light and I adore her.

#5 - "Metamorphisis" - Alycia. A beautiful woman with an amazing story.  Alycia battles an unpredictable and ferocious autoimmune disease that wages war against her body in the form of extreme fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness and weight gain.  Over the last year she managed to take control back in many aspects of her life - especially in the area of physical fitness.  She fights through the fatigue to maintain a rigorous workout routine with the help of her trainer.  The results are inspiring.  

#4 - "Remarkable" - John Sittu Senior Session.  Why be average.  Take a look at what this high school senior has accomplished in his short life and be prepared to be amazed and inspired.  I know I was.

#3 - "Boston" - Let's run.  One year after the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Chris and I headed to Boston so that he could realize a dream many years in the making.  It served as an exceptional experience in both our lives.

#2 - "Are You Sleeping" - Kinsley and Brayden.  I'm a big fan of candid images and this is one of my favorites. Our first "camp out" in the living room.  The kids were starting kindergarten and moving into a new home.  It was a transitional time in their lives and they handled it beautifully.  Always looking out for each other.

#1 - "YES!" - I got engaged.  How could I NOT include this incredible experience from 2014.  It changes everything in the absolute best way.

Thank all of you for being part of the Beautiful Edge journey over the past year.  I can't wait to capture many more amazing images in 2015.


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