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Noah ~ 1 Year

March 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


How can you celebrate the first year of a sweet little boy that came into the lives of his parents, and all of their friends & family, and changed them forever?  How can you capture the personality, the strength, and the capacity for love in this pint size heartbreaker?  You put him in a cape and let him charm the camera..that's how.


Photographing Noah presented me with my first opportunity to shoot in my new studio and boy did I learn a lot.  He taught me just how fun everything in the room appears to a one year old...other than the one spot that I actually wanted him to sit.


He also taught me that hats are made to be eaten, thrown, sat on and held in front of that cute little face that I so badly wanted to photograph....


The most important thing Noah taught me during our time together was that he would give me exactly what I was looking for if I was patient enough and let him be himself.  There is no other Noah in the world - he is a one in a million.




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