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B. & K.

June 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I remember when I first met these two little darlin's.   I couldn't make heads or tails of a word they said but they were so precious!  Now here they are, 5 years old and getting ready to start Kindergarten!


I love how Brayden can completely lose himself in bubbles and bugs and counting sprinkler heads.  He is pure joy, he loves people and things intensely and wears his heart on his sleeve.

Little Miss Kinsley doesn't miss a THING.  She is so aware of people's emotions and is smart as a whip.  She has a memory that I can only dream of.    I would definitely call her an old soul in a teeny tiny body.


I am thrilled that I get to have a place in these kids lives.  They certainly have a permanent place in mine.


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