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Tiny Blessings ~ Newborn Photography

September 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Why do I love newborn photography so much?  Let me count the ways.... 

New moms and dads are so overwhelmed with the basic act of survival that those first few weeks fly by in a flurry of diapers and feedings and sleepless nights.  While this is absolutely one of the most special times of their lives, it is also the most difficult and stressful.  I think the biggest blessing you could ever give to a new family is the gift of capturing those first few moments to reflect back on throughout the years.

When you are in the heat of battle (aka trying to get a newborn to sleep) the last thing on your mind is grabbing your camera to capture that beautiful face, or tiny toes or soft baby curls.  Even if you do think about it, the chances are that you will grab your phone and the images will never make it any further than a Facebook post.  They say that this new generation will be the most photographed in our history and yet will have absolutely no photographs of themselves 50 years from now.  Computers crash, phones break and (contrary to popular belief) CDs are meant to be a temporary transport not a permanent home for your precious memories.

This is where a I come in.  I prefer to travel to the home of my newborn clients and use their familiar and comfortable surroundings to create beautiful images that they will have for a lifetime.  Nothing brings a smile to my face more than sweet newborn images.   It is impossible to not be touched by such innocence and pure love.  Angels on earth.


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