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Family Session in Arcadia

January 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the Mackle family.  They are dynamic, wonderfully creative and kind-hearted.  Grayson (aka Pilot) lives in a world ripe with adventure, where there is no room to doubt secret treasure, sea monsters and fairy dust.  His dad, Dennis (aka Kid), meets him there often (generally when the two of them are SUPPOSED to be out running errands or shopping for mom).  Adventure Girl (aka Angela, aaka Mom) does her best to keep everyone just this side of the law, but she too has an itch for the fantastical world of fun and exploration.  The Mackles just added sweet Addie to the family (Kiwi is her alter ego).  Addie is a tiny little sweet smelling ball of adorable until she slips into character - Kiwi shows to have the temperament of a surly sailor.  Her eye on the prize (food, sleep or a clean diaper) like it's her own personal white whale.  Here we see Dennis cowering to Kiwi, terrified for his personal safety.  Feed him to the sharks!

In all seriousness, this family is as attractive as they are genuinely nice.  We always have a ball together and they make me feel like I'm one of the gang (though I've yet to get my moniker yet).  I guess I'll need to work on my ability to believe in magic, to laugh in the face of danger (or a poopy diaper) and to always see life for what it is...a great big adventure waiting to happen.


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