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Dani and Emma

March 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Really is there anything more lovely than a new mom and her baby girl?  I had the honor of photographing Dani and Bennett during their pregnancy and now seeing Dani with her little girl is such a special experience.  We put in a solid effort to do a family photoshoot at the beautiful Sahuaro Ranch Park but our plan quickly unraveled as the temperature climbed and Emma lost patience with me and my camera.


So what do you do when a shoot doesn't go as planned?  Well, if you're me, you set up lighting in your bedroom and invite mom and baby to enjoy the air conditioned comfort while you click away.  Dani was such a good sport and we were able to get a few more shots before Emma put her tiny baby foot down and indicated she'd had more than enough of our nonsense.



Every time I do a photoshoot I learn valuable lessons.   Emma taught me to shoot early, to shoot fast and to be flexible. 


Wise baby. 


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