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Cheyenne and Savannah

April 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

Catching up on the blog!  I had so much fun shooting these two beauties. Cheyenne and Savannah are the daughters of a very close friend and I had been chomping at the bit to get a chance to get them in front of my camera. 


These two have such unique personalities but at their core they are as kind, secure and resilient as their mom.  Savannah has such a big heart and loves all things "girlie".  I wanted to ask her for makeup pointers but I felt like I should play it cool...and then study her photos later and try to copy her technique.


Cheyenne has such a great head on her shoulders.  You just know that whatever she puts her mind to she will pull off with style and grace.


Love you girls!!  Let's do another session soon.



love! The "make-up comment" made me laugh! I think I should too!!! Beautiful girls!
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